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Tax Audits

What should we be doing as business owners before our Balance Dates or tax year-end, depending on what type of business we are in? There's no point in paying any more tax than necessary. If you have trading stock (unless it’s clearly not going to exceed...
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Did you know that the amount you can earn in Australia before you pay tax is now $18,200? Yes, an amazing $18,200 - that’s $350 per week, $700 a fortnight or $1,517 a month. Yes, the rates for higher levels of income may be more, but that's pretty damn good for the lo...
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Even the NZX can be caught out by a tax audit. The sharemarket business paid $1.2 million extra tax after the Inland Revenue Department checked its books. For the average small business owner, the thought of a visit from tax inspectors is enough to make them shiver. We asked...
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How to avoid an IRD audit

October 9, 2018
Whilst statistically speaking the chances of being selected for an audit are slim, it nevertheless features  way up the rankings as being one of life’s most stressful and unpleasant experiences, and as such, like all nasty things in life, best avoided at all costs!The...
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