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Following some while back in the UK to catch up with family and friends (and lots of sightseeing in the UK and Europe), Nick is now back in business in Hawke’s Bay and very keen to continue working on his next set of goals. As we know, goals, hard work and commitment are the keys to success to life.

Nick, who has achieved success in both business and accountancy for 36 years, founded his previous business Accountancy + Business Advice Centre from scratch in 2007 without a single client and despite this (and not having originated in Hawke’s Bay) built a vibrant and successful practice in the teeth of the recession (at that time) which he subsequently sold in May 2016 due to the difficulties of getting enough staff to cope with the ever-increasing and large loyal client base, thereby freeing up time and enabling Nick's trip to the UK.

Before deciding to move a little closer to his favourite Hawkes Bay wineries in New Zealand, Nick made it to the top and earned the respect of peers, other professionals and clients by becoming Managing Partner of an extremely successful and multi-award winning eight-partner firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers in the UK, Harwood Hutton. In New Zealand, prior to starting in business again (this time in his own right), Nick was CEO of Coffey Davidson in Hastings (later WHK and subsequently Crowe Horvath then Findex).

Nick has been helping clients prosper in their businesses since he obtained his own clients in the early 1980's and soon realised that accountancy and finance, whilst a good foundation for the future, were just two aspects of business to master.

Nick believes that, as in life in general, to get you have to give, so he always provides a little extra advice and assistance to business owners he comes in contact with, as well as being a volunteer business mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand. Nick enjoys giving something back to the business community in New Zealand and also to the developing world, following his amazing volunteer business mentoring trips to PNG where he met some fabulous business owners.

Nick is an expert on accounting software, being a Xero Certified Consultant as well as being very familiar with MYOB, Reckon, Banklink & Sage.

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Nick out and about meeting another happy client in downtown Hastings

Frequently Asked Questions

Nick answers some questions about himself and his business Accountancy & Business by Nick Roberts.

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How would you introduce yourself?

I’m a Chartered Certified accountant specialising in business for enthusiastic and forward thinking business owners who want to grow their businesses.

What is your background?

Over the 36 years plus I have been an accountant and business adviser, I have started three businesses from scratch and sold two, as well as being Managing Partner of a successful 8 partner multi-award winning professional services firm with many staff, so I know all too well just how challenging business can be.

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What do you know about business?
As well as being a business owner myself, I’ve been at the coal face of owner-managed businesses for longer than I can remember and advised and mentored business owners in three different countries.

What about tax returns?
Tax returns are a necessary evil but I soon learnt that preparing tax returns was the least important thing I did for clients.

Given your business focus, do you still prepare annual accounts for clients?
Yes, I do prepare annual financial statements but unlike most accountants, who regard these as the end of their duties, I use clients’ annual financials together with current trading figures as a springboard to help clients grow their businesses and reach their goals. Historical annual financials prepared many months after the balance date are completely useless for managing a business.

I spend much more time helping clients with vital stuff, like up-to-date financial and management information, cash flow management, Key Performance Indicators and the nitty-gritty of what business owners need to do to increase their profits, increase their wealth and attain their goals, whether that be selling their business, reducing the time they spend in the business or working on their succession plans.

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Why have you been so successful?

In my younger days, I used to worry about a killer point of difference but as the years passed, I realised that surprisingly, being interested and being in contact regularly (as well as being very efficient and very quick to respond) was enough to make me a really successful accountant. Isn’t that amazing?

The top reason for changing accountants is lack of engagement as clients feel ignored and complain that they have no real relationship with their accountant.

What is so unique about Accountancy & Business by Nick Roberts?

Typically accountants have many hundreds of clients which means that they just don't have the time to give clients the time and attention they really need to make sure their businesses survive & thrive. Business has never been easy but is now even more complex, so business owners need help and advice more than ever.

With that in mind, my goal is to provide as much useful, relevant, practical and up-to-date information to business owners as I can, to enable them to grow and take control of their businesses.

You see, I only work with a small number of business clients, those who are serious about business and achieving their goals. Let’s face it, you put a lot of money and toil into your business, so why wouldn’t you want to get the most out of it that you can?

Tax Agent NZ
Tax Agent NZ

Why do so many businesses fail?   

Many take huge risks, by being disorganised, habitually short of cash and even worse, not knowing their break-even point, their profitability or how to grow their businesses, and do you know what? That’s just plain crazy in this day and age.

Do you offer anything for free?       

As in life in general, to get you have to give, so I always provide a little extra advice and assistance to clients, especially new clients who have not received good advice in the past. In addition, I offer a free goal setting session for clients.

Do you just email or talk on the phone with clients?

Unlike the huge majority of office-bound accountants, I prefer to go and see clients, since then I can really get to know their businesses and understand their problems.

Why are having goals in business so important?

Setting achievable but challenging goals are a very effective way of turning dreams into reality & achieving success both personally and in business. Success in business or work is for most of us a necessary step to achieving success in life, and not just financially.

Having an attainable goal in business can be more important to success than almost anything that you do but despite that, the average small business owner spends more time planning their annual holidays than they do in the business.

Heard the saying that “If you aim for nothing you’ll hit it with remarkable accuracy every time”. Would you set out on a journey without knowing your destination? 

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Given that it’s risky for clients to seek a new adviser, do you offer any guarantees?
Yes, I offer a 100% FEE GUARANTEE.  We will waive any part of our fee for which you are not completely satisfied.

How do you charge for your work?
I work with fixed quotes where possible e.g. accounts & tax returns and then by the hour for advice. Bills are raised frequently so clients can keep track of costs.

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What should potential clients do now?

If you’re dreaming of starting a successful business, need to get your business on a sounder footing or want better profits, we need to talk, because if you’re prepared to listen and take the necessary action, I can most definitely help!

So give me a call today and find out, without cost or obligation, whether we can work together and what I can do for your business.