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Getting More Customers or Clients

"Marketing is all about helping people get what they want”, says Joe Garcia of Give to Get Marketing.

"If you can’t market yourself or your business, you won’t be successful in business” says Nick Roberts of Accountancy & Business by Nick Roberts.

Effective marketing

It doesn’t matter how long established your business is or how many customers, clients or patients  you have, customers die, move away, lose interest or just stop buying. Effective marketing strategies put into practice can not only grow your business, but increase your profit by enabling you to attract the right business (not just all-comers) and ditch those customers who are costing you money. 

There's a lot more to marketing than just advertising, as many business owners think. Everything you do in your business (assuming that you do it right) is a contribution towards marketing and your whole business ethos and culture must be designed and orientated with marketing right at the forefront. It is not something that you can delegate, and no matter how busy you are, you must find sufficient time to invest in marketing activities for the sake of the future of your business.

And better still, if you get your marketing right, you don't need to know how to sell! And If you can't market yourself or your business, it's much harder to be successful in business.

Effective marketing involves a large number of activities, some background e.g. website, leaflet, FAQ, testimonials, or case studies, and others specific campaigns e.g. joint-venture, ideal customer, social media or referral strategies. Some will work, others will not, but bit by bit, if you put enough effort into it, your marketing will surely pay off!

Many marketing activities are free or very low-cost, so let us open your eyes to the true power of cost-effective marketing!

It’s been a pleasure to have Nick's input into our business. Nick was direct with how he saw the systems needing an upgrade for our referral system to work and the methods he used (to let everyone know where we needed to work) were clear cut.

I enjoyed how Nick was able to sieve through the interviews to find the best and easiest words to use and a result WE HAVE MORE PEOPLE CONSCIOUSLY WORKING FOR THE GROWTH OF OUR BUSINESS.
And this is awesome for us as there is no better advertiser than word by mouth.

So thank you Nick & I look forward to keeping in contact with you.

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