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Nick is your man if you’re in difficulty with the IRD

I was referred to Nick by a friend of mine who was a happy client of Nick’s. By the time I met Nick I was in some difficulty because my business had failed and my wife had left me. Consequently I had got behind with my taxes and I owed the IRD $40,000 worth of overpaid Working for Families and $60,000 worth of tax. To be honest, I went to Nick in desperation because I just didn’t see how I could ever repay the IRD and they weren’t being helpful at all.

Having assessed my financial situation, Nick suggested that we apply for hardship relief and see if the IRD would write off some of the tax owed or at least, get me a better deal in some way. Well Nick went at the IRD like a terrier and wouldn’t let go. It took him two years and a lot of hard work but eventually the IRD agreed to write off not some but all, yes all, of the entire debt not just for Income Tax but for Working For Families too! How fantastic is that! And not only that, Nick only cost me a couple of thousand dollars in fees so it was a pretty good return on investment! It was the best $2,000 I ever paid in my life not counting the tip I gave Nick of a couple of crates of beer!

In short, Nick is your man if you’re in difficulty with the IRD!

Mark Taylor - Hastings